Brain Builders: The Educational Eddie




The Brain Builders: Educational Eddie Rattle aka Namerare Taro should be every parent’s go to toy for at home developmental play and on the go go-to toy during travel.


At around 5 months, infants love to suck and lick anything they can get their mouths on. Which is why the Educational Eddie Rattle consists of a variety of fun shapes and textures to satisfy their developmental needs. Chewable rope, gummy teething feet, safe, hinged limbs, “shape like mom” hat and rattle help stimulate your child’s senses while keeping them entertained for hours. This is the #1 selling product in Japan and it is finally available to purchase in the US.



A recent recipient of the Toy of the Year award – The Educational Eddie is perfectly sized for your child to grip and hold on their own.  Hours of endless fun included and no batteries are required.

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