The benefits of sensory play and mirrors





What’s one thing you look at almost every day and probably one of your favorite things to see?  Your room?  The Sky? nope.  A human face – including your own.  It turns out that your baby loves to see human faces just like you too.


Good news is that seeing your face every day brings them joy and happiness making parenting easier for everyone.  What will capture their attention, even more, is when they see their reflection for the first time and realize how much they like staring at themselves.  Not because they are narcissistic but because of their curiosity to understand the world around them and who they are.  Here’s a great tool to get your child into sensory play, help facilitate their development and incorporate tummy time into this new world of reflection fun.


Find a flat surface and place the Brain Builders: Magic Reflection Ball on the ground and sit a few feet from it in any direction. With your baby in your arms, let them lay on their tummy with the mirror in sight.

Gently point to the Magic Reflection Ball to catch your little one’s attention as they look over and see their reflection.  You can move the ball around the catch the light to further intrigue them or allow them to inch their way closer to discover for themselves what they are seeing.  They will begin to grasp the edge over time as they crawl above and around the ball to see the many different reflections of their surroundings.  A fun game is to look into the ball with them so that they can see your reflection.

Try touching their ears and nose, so they can begin to connect their sense of touch with what they are seeing.  Name objects that are visible on the ball as you work your way around the room.

Allow you baby to play with the Magic Reflection Ball in their crib, during tummy time, or when traveling to keep them engaged.


What are the benefits?  Sensory play helps your baby with the basics of eye focusing and tracking to giving them a better understanding of the world around them.  They will also benefit from emotional and social development from parent guided play as you help them explore what they are seeing and communicate what’s going on.



The Brain Builders: Magic Reflection Ball comes with a suction cup on the bottom so that it can be affixed to flat surfaces so your little one can crawl around and over exploring their surroundings.


When not affixed to a surface, the Magic Reflection Ball is perfect to hold in hand as it has a built-in rattle to excite their ears as they move the ball from hand to hand.

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