The benefits of sensory play and mirrors

        What’s one thing you look at almost every day and probably one of your favorite things to see?  Your room?  The Sky? nope.  A human face – including your own.  It turns out that your baby loves to see human faces just like you too.   Good news is that seeing … Continued

Brain Builders: The Educational Eddie

      The Brain Builders: Educational Eddie Rattle aka Namerare Taro should be every parent’s go to toy for at home developmental play and on the go go-to toy during travel.   At around 5 months, infants love to suck and lick anything they can get their mouths on. Which is why the Educational Eddie … Continued

Brain Builders Two Hands Teething Ring – Product Review

      Hear first hand what makes the Two Hands Teething Ring one of the best teethers on the market.   Using one or both hands, your baby will discover and play with the Two Hands Teething Ring’s 9 unique teething options. The Two Hands Teething Ring teaches your baby to suck, lick or spin while … Continued